Hum Dono: Vinyl LP
Joe Harriott, Amancio D'Silva, Amancio D'Silva Quartet

Hum Dono: Vinyl LP

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Label: Trunk 
Release Date: 14th July

A jewel in the British jazz crown, it's a mad one, it's spiritual, it's got a bit of that 60s Brit Jazz pomp, the elements of the military rolling drums but this record is super listenable. No wonder those dirt dealers are trying to get you to shell out £2k on an original. Thank Trunk for this much needed reissue of a Brit Jazz Banger.

Full colour repro of original sleeve with flip-back detailing on reverse.

Released in 1969, this is probably the best modern British jazz LP of all time. A beguiling mix of East meets West rhythms, ideas and joy, repressed with an authentic flip back sleeve.

An original of this will cost you about £2000. Because it’s rare but mainly because it’s absolutely amazing. A sax player hailing from the Jamaican Alpha School. A sublime guitarist from Mumbai, an tight quintet with special guests that include Norma Winstone on improvised wordless vocals. One session, 1969, at the very peak of British jazz invention and sound. I could go on and on about this but no one will actually read it. This album is brilliant and addictive in so many ways. It really does not get batter. Miss this at your peril.

Side One:
1 Stephano’s Dance
2 Spring Low, Sweet Harriot
3 Ballad For Goa

Side Two:
4 N.N.N.T
5 Hum Dono
6 Jaipur

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