I'm Not Here: Evergreen Vinyl LP
Alex Izenberg

I'm Not Here: Evergreen Vinyl LP

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Label: Weird World
Release Date: 20th May

Alex Izenberg strikes me as a man who sees life as one big song, everything has to build to a chorus, has to have a bit of tension, some fun, he likely talks with an effortless turn of phrase where you marvel at how one can just spin a yarn like it's on final draft at the publishers. He's a raconteur like Harry Nilsson, Randy Newman and Lou Reed, makes up characters that are all probably a piece of himself played out on piano.

For those who dig: well Harry, Randy and Lou, for a start. Richard Swift, Cut Worms, John Andrews, Sam Evian...

Like his debut, 2016’s homespun Harlequin, and its ambitious 2020 follow-up Caravan Château, Alex Izenberg’s new album I’m Not Here inhabits the shaggy, world-weary mode of artists like Harry Nilsson, John Lennon, Randy Newman, and Lou Reed.

With the help of producer Greg Hartunian, and swelling string and woodwind arrangements courtesy of Dirty Projectors’ Dave Longstreth, Alex manages a paradoxical and visionary trick: he disappears completely while simultaneously revealing more of himself than ever before.

Izenberg doesn’t shy away from complex topics in his music: heartbreak, confusion, and grief. Work on I’m Not Here began in earnest following the passing of his dog and best friend Larks. The album’s centerpiece, “Our Love Remains,” crystalizes the sense of loss and longing he experienced in her absence, but it pulls hope up from the depths as well: “I hold her wings to find my way,” he sings, his voice laden with emotion.

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