In Huge Gesturing Loops: Fire Engine Red Vinyl LP
Jim Wallis

In Huge Gesturing Loops: Fire Engine Red Vinyl LP

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Label: Tip Top Recordings
Release Date: 8th September

Well cast me down this ambient lapsteel river and watch me drift off because this is wonderful. I know you comic country astronauts will be donning your stetson helmets and cowboy moonboots for this one.

'In Huge Gesturing Loops' is a new ambient solo album by multi- instrumentalist and Modern Nature member Jim Wallis
Built around recordings by the acclaimed pedal steel player Henry Senior, the album's six hypnotic and enveloping tracks are supplemented with piano, strings, synths and field recordings performed by Wallis.
The making of the album took an unplanned route. During the winter 2021 lockdown, Wallis began work on an album of more conventional songs, sending several to Henry Senior (Danny & The Champions Of The World, Honey Harper) to record pedal steel parts remotely. Though subsequently deciding to shelve the album, he realised that Senior's pedal steel outlines of the songs formed the basis of something completely different.
The result is an immersive, meticulously crafted album that recalls the ambient pedal steel work of Chuck Johnson and Daniel Lanois mixed with the ethereal post- classical instrumentation of Stars Of The Lid and the field recording work of Claire Rousay.
'In Huge Gesturing Loops' is Wallis' fourth release in as many years. The album's title comes from a poem by Philip Larkin. The artwork was put together by designer Luke Jarvis based on the 1930s swimming pool on Marshall Street in Soho, where Wallis swam regularly while working on the album.


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