In The Throes: Grass Green Vinyl LP
John Moreland

In The Throes: Grass Green Vinyl LP

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Label: Old Omens
Release Date: From 26th January

This time of the year you just wanna hunker down with some of that old familiar heartbreaking American folk ballads delivered with the comforting weathered voice of someone not too far away from the Boss. John Moreland's 'In The Throes' is ten years old but absolutely timeless.

Remastered reissue of acclaimed singer-songwriter John Moreland's sophomore album, In The Throes (2013), featuring "Break My Heart Sweetly" and "3:59 AM"

1. I Need You to Tell Me Who I Am
2. Nobody Gives a Damn About Songs Anymore
3. Blacklist
4. Your Spell
5. 3:59 AM
6. Break My Heart Sweetly
7. Oh Julia
8. God's Medicine
9. Gospel
10. Blues & Kudzu


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