Infinite Love Infinite Tears: Vinyl LP
Infinite Love Infinite Tears: Vinyl LP
Infinite Love Infinite Tears: Vinyl LP
Alan Braufman

Infinite Love Infinite Tears: Vinyl LP

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Label: Valley Of Search (The Control Group)
Release Date: 17th May

A sleeping giant as a saxophonist since the 70s, one who worked with others rather than wailed as the leader. It wasn't until the 2020s that Braufman went out on his own release some of the hottest, broadest and most mind bending jazz records. It's got the vibes, it's got Afro-rhythms, it goes spiritual, it goes wild but also it's one of the most accessible and listenable free jazz reissues we've heard in a while. Alan's leading a whitehot band of modern masters.

In 1975, the New York City alto saxophonist Alan Braufman released his debut album, Valley of Search, on the India Navigation label. Braufman went on to record and tour with everyone from Carla Bley to The Psychedelic Furs, and didn't release another album under his name until 2020's The Fire Still Burns, which received rave reviews from The WIRE, Downbeat, Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, and NPR.

2024's Infinite Love Infinite Tears is a surprisingly catchy program of free jazz, richly detailed and forthright, embodying a range of emotions and circumstances that convey individuality, collectivity and hope. There is much history and love in this band, and in Alan Braufman’s art overall. Fifty-odd years after debuting on record, his sound-world is as vital and inviting as ever.

1. chasing a melody
2. infinite love infinite tears
3. spirits
4. edge of time
5. brooklyn
6. liberation

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