Inner Worlds: Clear Vinyl LP

Inner Worlds: Clear Vinyl LP

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Label: Moshi Moshi 
Release Date: 30th September

Why can't I get the Lawnmower Man out of my head when look at that artwork? I can't get the idea that this album feels like the computer world of that lawnmower man has kept getting those OS updates and is now a fully realised world between self, the digital world and the real world and if that did exist then Soccer96's 'Inner Worlds' would be the soundtrack. It's a big sound electronica record, but it's enveloping in a way that feels homely, like being in a synthy womb with thunderous drums working as a heavy punctuating heartbeats with breaks and jams. It's a bit of a wonder this record.

For those who dig: Danalogue and Betamax's other band Comet is Coming and The Colours That Rise, Tom Herbert, Salami Rose Joe Louis, Simbad and Rozi Plain who all collaborated on this record.

“We’ve been reflecting on the relationship between our innerworlds and outerworlds,” says Soccer96’s Danalogue. “How our minds shape our experience and our experience shapes our mind. How caring and nurturing our innerworlds can improve our relationship with our outer experiences. We see the creation of music as the bridge between these two worlds.”

Betamax, who makes up the duo along with fellow Comet is Coming member Danalogue, describes their latest album as “spiritual combat music to steady us through the stormy changes of the outer world.”

For this album the pair co-wrote with The Colours That Rise, Tom Herbert, Salami Rose Joe Louis, Simbad and Rozi Plain.

From the exhilarating electronic charge and propulsive rhythm of ‘Crystal Pyramid’ to the almost cosmic drum n bass of ‘Speak More of Love’ feat The Colours That Rise, the album takes in a vast array of sounds and styles, from jazz to electronica, while never really sitting comfortably within easy genre categorisation. “We are searching for particular spontaneous energies that feel fresh and resonant,” Betamax says. “The hope is that when we reach this experience the music can penetrate the mind and affect the deepest mental processes.”

A1 Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds
A2 Speak More of Love ft. The Colours That Rise
A3 Crystal Pyramid
A4 Yesterday Knows ft. Salami Rose Joe Louis
B1 Adrenaline
B2 Underwater Cities
B3 Gate Keepers ft. Rozi Plain & Simbad
B4 Triple Helix ft. Tom Herbert

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