La Clave (Verve By Request): Vinyl LP
La Clave

La Clave (Verve By Request): Vinyl LP

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Label: Verve
Release Date: 13th October

This 9 piece Latin-American collective bring that El Fuego jazz funk rock fire with some rhythms which are just a pure Latin soul-filled joy, a mean mean and at points almost doom rock head nod rhythm. You gotta check this, it's a monster.

Arriving from various points in Mexico, Panama, Cuba and Puerto Rico, this nine-man group led by Benny Velarde found each other and their music in San Francisco in the early 1970’s. They brought the music of their homes to the heavy sounds of San Francisco and merged the two, resulting in this soulful, joyful and unique 1973 recording. This Verve By Request title is pressed on 180-gram vinyl at Third Man in Detroit.

Side A
1.    Sally Go Round The Roses
2.    Angels Of Mercy
3.    Move Your Hand
4.    Latin Slide
5.    Who You Fooling

Side B
6.    The Ghetto
7.    Road Runner
8.    Soul Sauce
9.    Baila Mi Guaguancò
10.    Cocoa Leaf

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