Letting Go: Vinyl LP
Hayden Pedigo

Letting Go: Vinyl LP

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Label: Mexican Summer
Release Date: 24th September

Do not be calling this record 'cosmic country' to Hayden, who is a noted hater of the term and maybe he has a point, us lazy writers are quick to label finger picked acoustic guitar Americana, which has a drawn out and floating quality as 'cosmic'. Hayden's a satirist, he plays characters on instagram, you can see that he likely draws more from the character of folk, of their situation than some otherworldy vagueness: Letting Go is cinematic but because it works to frame moments. This isn't music that simply floats around, it mingles with a calmness, greeting the people it comes into contact with... it is not and i repeat NOT COSMIC.

For those who dig: cosmic country... no but really if you like that stuff you will love this. North Americans, William Tyler, John Fahey and drinking beers on a hay bale.

Hayden Pedigo is an acoustic guitarist and soundscape composer from Amarillo, Texas. Perhaps most widely known for his endearing bid for Amarillo city council at the tender age of 25, after his Harmony Korine inspired spoof campaign video went viral. Hayden's music is equally enchanting, combining the American primitive guitar picking styles of John Fahey with a proclivity for experimental sound design and manipulation. By his early 20s, Hayden had already collaborated with luminaries such as Charles Hayward of This Heat, Fred Frith, Werner Diermaier of Faust, and outlaw country legend, Terry Allen. However it's important to expect the unexpected with Hayden Pedigo. With album artwork that depicts black metal connotations and a sworn hater of the term "Cosmic Country", Hayden's satirical sense of humour extends from the various characters he portrays on his Instagram page and into every fibre of his being. 'Kid Candidate', a 67 minute documentary made about Hayden's Amarillo City Council bid (dir. Jasmine Stodel) will be digitally released on July 2 2021 by production company and distributor, Gunpowder & Sky. It made its worldwide film festival premiere at SXSW 2021 and will be released on blu-ray in September 2021. Music from Letting Go also features in Kid Candidate.

1. Letting Go
2. Carthage
3. Something Absolute
4. Some Kind of Shepherd
5. Tints of Morning
6. I Wasn't Dreaming
7. Rained Like Hell

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