Like A Fable: Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl LP
Shintaro Sakamoto

Like A Fable: Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl LP

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Label: Zelone Records
Release Date: 21st July

Shintaro follows a great Japanese rock and pop tradition of taking the work of the masters and making it his own, a continual magpie for sound bringing in elements of chamber pop, psych, tropicalia, surf, garage rock and soul. As always it's delightfully charming.

Six years since his last album, Love If Possible, Shintaro Sakamoto has completed his fourth solo album, Like A Fable.

The album's ten songs describe everyday life in a world undergoing dramatic changes in the midst of a pandemic. Sakamoto continually updates his sound, and with Like A Fable, he has made his best pop album yet.

Like his previous albums, Like A Fable was recorded with the longtime members of the Shintaro Sakamoto Band: Yuta Suganuma on drums, AYA (OOIOO) on bass and backing vocals, and Toru Nishiuchi on saxophone and flute.
KEN KEN (Ken2d Special, Urban Volcano Sounds) guested on trombone on two tracks.  
Soichiro Nakamura engineered and mastered the album.

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