Living High in the Brass Empire: Orange Vinyl LP
Mitchum Yakoub

Living High in the Brass Empire: Orange Vinyl LP

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Label: All-Town Sound/Colemine Records
Release Date: 30th June

Cumbian Afro-Funk Latin Tropicalia Soul Fire, the kind of street dancing with one of those plastic cups of refreshing ice based drinks, the kind that have a refreshing cold burn on the way down. Really makes you feel alive this stuff.

For those who dig: heavy breaks, tropical grooves, that latin fire... Jungle Fire, Glass Beams, other members of the Colemine Family/Collective.

It is with great pleasure that we announce Mitchum Yacoub's debut album Living High in the Brass Empire  a showcase in unique stylings of tropical funk, afrobeat, cumbia, and soul; a musical patchwork threaded by a heavy, hypnotic rhythm section and powerfully vibrant horn lines. What sounds like a 12-piece ensemble was actually mostly recorded and performed by Yacoub at his home in San Diego, featuring a few close friends from local groups Sure Fire Soul Ensemble and Boostive. The horn section is comprised of Travis Klein, Bradley Nash, and Wesley Etienne (featuring Todd Simon on "Los Muñequitos"), each with distinguished performances that send the music to higher heights. Nuanced vocalist Divina Jasso lends humanity and introspection throughout the head-nodding soul sounds of "Never Knew", latin dance anthem "Cumbia Divina", and the syncopated funk of "Empire". You'll hear rhythms from Colombia, folkloric percussion of Cuba, interlocking grooves à la Fela Kuti, 70's r&b influence, and something in between it all. Drawing many inspirations into a refreshing and unified record, we think you'll enjoy Living High in the Brass Empire. 

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