Loose Future: Red Vinyl LP
Courtney Marie Andrews

Loose Future: Red Vinyl LP

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Label: Fat Possum
Release Date: 7th October

It's nice listening to music, isn't it? Does different things to you, depending on what you're listening to, one of our favourite feelings from music is that kind of warm and fulfilled glowing swell it can produce, akin to having a good rich but balanced meal. Courtney Marie Andrews music has that balance, you can't teach that ability to produce a feeling like that. The sound is a lush country, a kind of rural dream pop calypso, it's a yearning lap steel guitar, it's a thick and full bass guitar, the trademark of producer Sam Evian and that syrupy sweet but full and spongey voice. I'm going for seconds.

For those who dig: Molly Sarle, Erin Rae, Joan Shelley, Samantha Crain, Shannon Lay...

New studio album from CMA, due out October 7th, 2022. Produced by Sam Evian. Following Old Flowers' 2020 Grammy nomination, and due to Covid restrictions, Courtney, for the first time in her young nomadic life, was forced off the road and to remain at home. What resulted was the publishing of her first book of poetry, the first gallery showings of her paintings, and a period of self-discovery leading to the new album, Loose Future. Whereas Old Flowers was a beautiful and emotional break-up record, CMA's return with Loose Future is a bright, dynamic, falling-in-love record. Courtney's got a new story to tell, backed by a strong new musical direction, and a show-stopping collection of songs. Loose Future was recorded at Sam Owen's upstate New York Flying Cloud Studios, with musicians Josh Kaufman (Bonny Lighthorseman), Chris Bear (Grizzly Bear), and Sam Owens (Sam Evian). On the honey shores of Cape Cod in a beach shack, Courtney Marie Andrews found self-love and her voice. Every morning, she’d walk 6-8 miles around the back trails of an island and meditate on her life, perusing old memories and patterns like browsing a used bookshop. After more than a decade on the road, the Phoenix-born songwriter, poet, and painter finally had the space to process all the highs and lows of a life of constants. She was finally ready to make a record of triumph, while not completely forgetting the years that made her. That record is the Sam Evian produced Loose Future.

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