Memorial: Vinyl LP

Memorial: Vinyl LP

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Label: Real Kind Records / Communion
Release Date: 29th April

Well this is lush, nice and warm, a little dewey, a nice spring morning kind of record, a freshly brewed cup of coffee handed to you, maybe an arm of your shoulder, 'you alright, mate?', 'aye'. Two-part harmonies, that gentle satisfying stroke and pick of an acoustic guitar with atmospheric slide guitars and the pittering of soft drums.

For those who dig: Whitney, Elliott Smith, Courtney Marie Andrews, Lucy Rose (who co-produces), a nice gentle warming country folk...

Indie Folk tinged Memorial are a duo, Jack and Ollie. Neither are in any great hurry, with their song-writing process originally found spent solo, several hundred miles apart in Brighton and Manchester. Voice memos zipped across the internet, all half thoughts and feelings seeking the other’s encouragement. It’s a career not even one year deep, but already they’ve got Lucy Rosebatting for their side, US alt-country queen Courtney Marie Andrews taking them on tour, and bags of enthusiasm between them all suggesting that, just maybe they’re on to something here. Announced a year to the day of their debut single, ‘Memorial’ will see the band release their first full-length record with co-producing duties from Lucy Rose with her long-time collaborator Tim Bidwell. It’s her first output swivelling in the chair behind the glass, heralding a fine meeting of similar minds. Whilst theirs is not a sound to stop traffic, given the time, space, and a decent set of headphones, taking a few moments of quiet contentment is something we could all do with finding the time for. May we recommend you try letting Memorial soundtrack those quiet moments? Memorial, whisper it, might just be the new band you never knew you needed.


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