Mid-Atlantic Story Vol. 3: Tr-Colour Vinyl LP
Various Artists

Mid-Atlantic Story Vol. 3: Tr-Colour Vinyl LP

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Label: Numero 
Release Date: 7th April

You cannot beat a good soul compilation like Numero’s ‘Mid-Atlantic Story (Vol. 3)’. It’s a low-rider mixtape of doowop, swinging northern soul, ballads and obscure 45 cuts that are all hidden gems of another time. A perfect comp this.

For the lowriders, the souleros, and for any armchair drag racer who still has a record player within reach, Mid-Atlantic Story pays tribute to the aftermarket sounds of soul music, inspired by the record industry’s metric trunkload of cruising compilations, legitimate and otherwise, that soundtracked an entire subculture. This getaway ride mixtape strips aesthetics from the timeless East Side Story series, and poaches music from the greater Chesapeake Bay region. Roll with a jacked-up masterpiece.


  • dream team - there he is
  • chapells - me
  • jack & the mods - one is enough for one
  • skip mahoaney and the casuals - i need your love
  • mixed breed - gotta go home
  • al glover and gloria - till the end of time
  • father’s children - i really really love you
  • the positive sounds - i almost blew my mind
  • summits - let’s do it over
  • jato von del - just a few steps up the isle
  • the edge of daybreak - our love

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