Natures Melody: Vinyl LP

Natures Melody: Vinyl LP

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Label: Tramp Records
Release Date: 1st March

We talk Holy Grails a lot and those high ticket originals but lets spare a thought for the ubiquitous second hand records that go flicked through, you've seen it before, it's only a tenner and you've seen it before so it can be too good? You've been sleeping on solid AOR yacht rock gold pal, a German should be classic, with elements of balearic guitar, tight tight harmonies, some real sleek funk, post-CSNY folk and a bit of European quirk. Tramp present this reissue of 500 as a loveletter to those overlooked reasonably priced bangers.

MUSIC FOR A SUNDOWNER – Melodic AOR / Yacht Rock from Germany

Tramp fans will already be familiar with the band "People", as they were featured on the latest edition of the "Praise Poems" series (Volume 9, TRLP/CD-9109). "Misty Mood" was not only the song we included on Praise Poems 9 but also the title of their debut album from 1981. However, it wasn't their first release on Vinyl.

In 1969, two years after the group was founded, a 7-inch single EP with four folk songs was released, by then under the name "The People". With Woodstock and the changes in folk and rock music in the early 1970s, bandleader Bernd Heyder dissolved the band. A few years later he founded "People", whose sound was now based on artists such as Crosby, Stills and Nash and Neil Young. After many frenetically celebrated live performances, the desire to record a full length album arose at the end of the 1970s. In 1981 the time had come and "Misty Mood" was released on a small, local label called "Ohrwurm Records". Just one year later the band released their second album titled "Easy Going". Their third and final album, which exclusively contains songs with German lyrics, was released on CBS Records in 1983. CBSwanted to sign Bernd Heyder as a solo artist, but he politely declined. When the hoped-for success failed to materialize, CBS prematurely terminated the band's contract. In 1984, "People" disbanded.

With the stunning LP release "Natures Melody", Tramp Records honors Aschaffenburg's "People" after almost 45 years. The reason why no one has really taken an interest in them so far may be because the original Vinyl records are anything but rare. For the 'people' behind Tramp Records, this is absolutely insignificant, it's simply the music what counts. And the songs are so extraordinary that we are proud to set up a special monument to the band with this album.

Key-selling points:

- limited to 500 copies!

- deluxe gatefold-cover!!

- incl. many unseen photographs!!!

- original copies sell for crazy amounts up to €25!!!!

- pressed on BIO🌿VINYL => Replacement of petroleum in S-PVC by recycling used cooking oil or industrial waste gases


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