New Day: Vinyl LP
Flying Norwegians

New Day: Vinyl LP

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Release Date: 25th February

Norway had their own Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young? Why did nobody tell me this? The guitar's are tight, Stephen Stills TIGHT, there's some southern fried organ grooving, drums and bass that are just as close to funk as they are country rock jams and don't you worry about those harmonies, man are they sweet. Recorded way back in 1974, the lads in Norway were studying the way of the Canyon and perfecting the art.

For those who dig: CSNY, Poco, Jackson Brown, 70s country rock...

The New Day- the debut album from Flying Norwegians is first truly remarkable country rock album from Norway
It's the first album to be convincingly good in a genre that we believed, until 1974, to solely be the domain of American artists with mud on their boots and whiskey on their person..

Young Man
Time's Drawing Circles
Those Were the Days
Lucky Number
New Day
Behind the Words
Spanish Tragedy
Tricky Lies
Human Need
You'll Come Around
It Ain't Just Another Blow

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