Nite Versions: Double Vinyl LP

Nite Versions: Double Vinyl LP

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Label: PIAS
Release Date: 29th March

One of the mid-00s game changing records as it helped drag indie discos and electronic clubbing into the same clashing world. As the opening track 'Teachers' is a shopping list of inspirations from ACDC to Small Faces to Cheap Trick to Urban Dance Squad with this electro album as indebted to the history of rock as much as electro scene of the time. In the spirit of the album's original CD release this new vinyl edition is presented as a continuous mix (apart from the gap where you have to flip the record).

Embark on a sonic odyssey with Soulwax’s electrifying masterpiece, ‘Nite Versions’, a genre- blurring marvel that transcends the boundaries of electronic music.

Released in 2005, this iconic album seamlessly fuses elements of rock, electro and dance, creating a pulsating experience that captivates from start to finish.

Anchored by the Dewaele brothers’ visionary production, ‘Nite Versions’ elevates the concept of remixing to an art form, transforming the band’s own tracks into a collection of club-ready anthems.

The result is an album that not only stands as a testament to Soulwax’s groundbreaking talent but also as a pivotal moment in the evolution of electronic music.

‘Mixed’ 2LP to replicate the original CD format for continuous mixing.

Miserable Girl
E Talking
Slow Dance
I Love Techno
Accidents and Compliments
Compute NY Lipps (Kawazaki Dub)
Another Excuse (DFA Remix)

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