NORMANS: Forest Green Vinyl LP

NORMANS: Forest Green Vinyl LP

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Label: Solid Brass Records
Release Date: 12th January

This is your early 2024 wake-up call with LA punk band NORMANS bursting into your dozy post-xmas hibernation period with a juggernaut of cock-sure, swaggering, heavy rock n roll punk.

For those who dig: The Birthday Party, Jesus Lizard, Butthole Surfers, Minutemen, IDLES...

NORMANS was born on the dirty streets of LA and baptized in the punk rich waters of Hermosa Beach; the city that gave us Black Flag, Red Kross, Minutemen and more.

In 2021, in the lingering haze of the global pandemic and several nautical miles off the coast of Los Angeles in a broken down boat, Southern California natives and stalwarts of the local DIY music scene Matthew Reid (Blonde Summer) and Michael Perry Rudes (FEELS) decided it was time to embark on a new musical odyssey together; one that championed fearlessness, rawness, and above all, freedom. ‍

Earlier during the pandemic the duo had built a home studio with initial plans to make a conceptual exotica record. Before long their songwriting took a heavier and more energetic turn. Between 2021 and 2022 they wrote and recorded a lot of material. In early 2023, with the addition of Kyle Souza (Prissy Whip) on guitar, the band reworked and re-recorded material to accommodate Kyle’s distinct guitar sound. Since NORMANS was born from a home studio environment it seemed fitting for the band to record and mix and record themselves. In early 2023 they did just that.

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