Ominous Prominence: Vinyl LP

Ominous Prominence: Vinyl LP

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Label: Taxi Gauche
Release Date: 24th November

Tired of fuzzy psychedelic garage rock tired of life, that's what my Nanna always used to say. She loved OSEES, Wand, Meatbodies, Ty Segall, King Gizzy, SLIFT and I'm pretty sure she would've loved Switzerland's FOMIES.

Fomies is the result of the collaboraUon between four musicians who are also close friends hailing from the Vaud Riviera region. The band was formed in early 2017. During its iniUal phases, the group swimly produced a self-made EP, which played a pivotal role in shaping their disUnct arUsUc idenUty, characterized by a dynamic fusion of surf-punk and garage rock.

This is their fimh studio album on the Zurich based label Taxi Gauche, home to Annie Taylor, Sam Himself, Adult Books and Chloe Gallardo.

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