Palomine: Orange Vinyl LP + 7" Single
Palomine: Orange Vinyl LP + 7" Single
Bettie Serveert

Palomine: Orange Vinyl LP + 7" Single

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Label: Matador Records
Release Date: 23rd June

Bettie Serveert have that 'you can't touch it' quality that the best indie/alternative bands have, a group with little ambition than just hanging and making music ended up a proper entity after being instantly signed by Matador after the label heard their demo. It's that charm, it's that human touch in every song, it's the rawness of a band working as a unit, complete sum of it's parts held together by tunes that connect like a good friend.

Kicking off Matador’s Revisionist History Series for 2023, we celebrate the 30th anniversary of Bettie Serveert’s debut album, ‘Palomine’. Heralded in its original four-star review by Rolling Stone as "untamed and free as pop gets,” this 1993 classic will see its first pressing by Matador since the album's original release on June 23rd on limited-edition translucent orange vinyl, accompanied by the “Brain-Tag” 7”, which was included with the original pressing.

“Looking back on recording the Palomine album, we were as green as grass,” say the band’s Carol van Dyk and Peter Visser, “but we loved music and most of all, we loved playing our own songs. When we started our band in the summer of ’91, we never had any ambitions, never thought about a 'career' in music, beyond maybe playing a gig to two. But then Matador Records responded to our 1st demo, offering us a record deal, which started the ball rolling and it changed our lives for ever! ‘Pal o’ mine’ will always be like a dear friend to us and even after 30 years, we still enjoy playing those songs.”

1.         Leg
2.         Palomine
3.         Kid's Allright
4.         Tomboy
5.         Under the Surface
6.         Balentine
7.         This Thing Nowhere
8.         Healthy Sick
9.         Sundazed to the Core
10.       Palomine - Small
11.       Brain-Tag
12.       Smile
13.       Maggot
14.       Get The Bird

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