Please Don’t Take Me Back: Indie Exclusive Blue Splatter Vinyl LP

Please Don’t Take Me Back: Indie Exclusive Blue Splatter Vinyl LP

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Label: Specialist Subject
Release Date: 28th October

If you like power pop punk that makes you want to punch the air, that makes you feel like a teenager experiencing how your heart works, the thrill of falling in love, the crush of falling out and the comfort of a song that sounds like it was written just for that moment. Well this record is the tonic.

For those who dig: big choruses, satisfying af rock riffs and music which feels like its sung for all your thoughts and feelings.

Specialist Subject Records (UK) / Dirtnap Records (US) - Durham indiepop-punks Martha return with their fourth album, and it might just be their best one yet. With their endlessly radiant hooks dialled up to maximum setting, paired with another heart-rending and relatable lyric sheet that reflects on the universal scars of the pandemic years, Please Don’t Take Me Back is the work of a band in the form of their life. It’s also an instant classic - one that’s both smartly prescient and warmly addictive. Recorded at Nottingham’s JT Soar by ‘Bad’ Phil Booth (The Cool Greenhouse, Rattle, Grey Hairs), Please Don’t Take Me Back is a timely collection of deliciously catchy pop songs about ‘resisting the feeling that the good days are behind us’.

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