Pö om pö: Purple Vinyl LP

Pö om pö: Purple Vinyl LP

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Label: Rocket Recordings
Release Date: 27th May

Sometimes you just need a record that feels like it's giving your brain a little spring clean, you've got these reverberating brushes working on the grimy bits, polyrhythms just knocking out some dust, some drones working like an ultrasonic cleanse and these bleeping synths just shining the place up real nice. That's this record, I think.

For those who dig: krautrock, kosmiche, psychedelic instrumentals that take you on a mind journey, Nova Express, Hills, Neu, Can, Trees Speak, Föllakzoid...

Hypnagogia remains one of the most mysterious and haunting daily states of mind. Moments of revelation are wont to traditionally hit us particularly in the hinterland between dream and waking, It’s this particular headspace that’s very much the world of ‘Pö om pö’, the second Rocket Recordings released full-length record from Sweden’s equally mysterious OCH. Pö om pö (meaning ‘little by little’) is a journey further into inner space from ‘II’, the previous Rocket outing (which followed a 2014 cassette only release) What’s mapped out here is a trajectory on the kosmische continuum that touches on the terrain of late-‘70s Sky records style ambience, the more overgrown quarters of Swedish experimental prog and the sun-baked lo-fi DIY cassette culture of the US early ‘00s.Dwelling in a smoke-clouded glow that’s equal parts sunset gold and effects pedal red, OCH have here transcended all influences to creating a tapestry of potent psychotropic sound. A record in which new horizons open up beyond the small hours, and where primeval wah-wah-abetted skronk and mantric folk[1]tinged repetition can collude to reveal new third-eye perceptions. Little By Little, Pö om pö , these forty minutes are here to bridge the chasms between conscious and subconscious, and in style.


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