Reggae Film Star: Vinyl LP
Damien Jurado

Reggae Film Star: Vinyl LP

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Label: Maraqopa
Release Date: 8th July

Damien Jurado on his 18th album in 25 years over here, you'd maybe expect a slight dip in quality, right? Not over here, he's still got us hooked to his brand of AOR folk Americana, to his honeyed with a slight grizzled spice vocal, with the nice soft funk bass and biographical tales. 

For those who dig: Nick Drake, Phosphorescent, Su Kil Moon, Songs: Ohia...

Reggae Film Star is Damien Jurado's 18th full length studio album and the second on his own record label Maraqopa Records
25 years since his debut album Waters Ave S. came out, Jurado is more prolific, driven and creative than ever. The twelve mystical songs on Reggae Film Star are gorgeously cinematic and feature a rich production and diverse sonic textures. Reggae Film Star was produced by Damien Jurado at Sonikwire in Irvine, CA, with invaluable help from the dream team of multi instrumentalist Josh Gordon and recording engineer Alex Bush. The album was mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound.

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