Resavoir: Dusk Cloud Colour Vinyl LP
Resavoir: Dusk Cloud Colour Vinyl LP

Resavoir: Dusk Cloud Colour Vinyl LP

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Label: International Anthem Recording
Release Date: 3rd November

This is music to cure what ails ya, pal. I feel like a chilled houseplant listening to this, the soft electronic new jazz, that to some may sound off putting but I'm a pretty healthy, luxurious and leafy houseplant here. It's just great sci-fi jazz from a producer and trumpeter who knows how to switch a space into a vibe.

"The second self-titled album from Will Miller's Resavoir interweaves modern-day soul-jazz with bedroom beats, synth serenades and twilight sonatas – an endlessly listenable, subtly radiant symphony suitable for both the composition-minded musician’s musician and the hook-seeking playlist populist. This album follows Resavoir’s 2019 self-titled debut album, a breakout success that landed in ‘Best of 2019’ lists by NPR Music and BBC’s Gilles Peterson, and has logged over 8 million streams across DSPs to date, and counting. Through his movement further into an expanded palette of synths, pianos, live and programmed drums in addition to his MIDI-augmented trumpet, Miller has developed a signature cinematic soul-jazz sound rooted in hip-hop structures. No surprise, then, that his profile as a producer has raised significantly since the Resavoir debut, and that the years since have seen him operating the controls and guiding the ship on tracks for Eryn Allen Kane, Whitney, Knox Fortune, and SZA’s recently-released album SOS (which spent 10 weeks as the #1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart). This is the backdrop for Resavoir’s second self-titled effort, a more polished and focused presentation of Miller’s evolving skills as a studio producer. His compositional touch is more articulate than ever. The short but sweet album features a massive list of contributors including Elton Aura, Whitney, Akenya, Matt Gold, Eddie Burns, Lane Beckstrom, Jeremy Cunningham, Irvin Pierce, Macie Stewart, Peter Manheim and many more."

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