Say What You Want: Vinyl LP
Doug Paisley

Say What You Want: Vinyl LP

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Label: Outside Music

Doug's guitar is an absolute delight here, it hops, skips and glides with such warmth and delight. His voice weathered to a smoothness with a production gloss ala Petty and big AOR rock that was also intimate and personal.

Distilled from more than 250 songs penned by paisley over the last decade, the 11 tracks selected by jurvanen combine folk, country, and pop sensibilities to showcase his rich sense of melody and remarkable way with words.

This is doug at his best "honest, exposed, searching " comforting in his ability to communicate the universal in the struggles of the individual. in meditations on the disappointments and shortcomings of love, paisley looks hard at middle age, and facing the time when looking young is getting old. we're always somewhere in-between forever and walking away / we'll spend a lifetime, you and me, day by day. one cannot help but get the sense from these songs that paisley simply must write " it's about emotional survival and the process of working through. as a songwriter these days, paisley reflected earlier this year, there's very little to gain and very little to lose so i am working only from the heart, there's no other motive. it shows.

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