Solitary Transmissions: Vinyl LP
Brown Spirits

Solitary Transmissions: Vinyl LP

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Label: Soul Jazz Records
Release Date: 12th May

Gotta be pretty special to be a new act putting out stuff on Soul Jazz and luckily Brown Spirits are just that. Super heavy and motorik, legitimately psychedelic with a scope of sound that whirls around your nut like buzzard crossed with those neon jellyfish guys. This is like a golden age Krautrock album with the fire of Hawkwind and heavy psych rock.

For those who dig: Trees Speak, Can, Hawkwind, King Crimson, Soft Machine, The Heads, Minami Deutsch...

Unbelievably killer and super, super heavy brand-new psyche / Krautrock album coming out of nowhere from Brown Spirits, new on Soul Jazz Records.

Brown Spirits are from Melbourne, Australia. Their stripped-down and tight musical unit is a trio (think Cream or Hendrix!) of raw bass, drums and shared guitar / keyboards meets the DIY attitude and punk / post-punk intensity, giving them a unique hi-octane sound.

After two exclusive 100-pressing white label 45s sold out in less than 30 minutes, Soul Jazz Records are releasing this album immediately.

Like their labelmates Trees Speak, Brown Spirits love all things Krautrock - mixed with an overwhelmingly powerful lo-fi psyche and punk attitude. The album features heavy, raw drums, tough basslines, heavy fuzzed-out wah and psyche guitar and analogue Moog synthesizers, all recorded on analogue 1⁄4 inch tape. In short - they rock.

With a range of influences that range from Neu! to Soft Machine, Gang of Four, Miles Davis, Hendrix, Argent, Lonnie Liston Smith, King Crimson and beyond, their powerfully progressive hard and hypnotic sound is truly unforgettable.

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