Special Feelings: Vinyl LP
Special Feelings

Special Feelings: Vinyl LP

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Label: Rhythm Section
Release Date: 10th November

Come aboard this squelchy space funk mothership, the grooves on this are so addictive and lasting like that feeling you get an hour after you've been swimming where you still feel like you're in the pool, kinda nice, that.

After their debut on the label, with Bapjizzim on second edition of shouts back in 2021, we are absolutely delighted to be welcoming Special Feelings back to rhythm section international with 'Down Goose'.

After a chance meeting in a bar, Special Feelings have been jamming together for the last four years, creating music to encapsulate what feels good when they are jamming. Down Goose perfectly encapsulates the electricity of the duo have when they are collaborating, bringing together influences from Neue Grafik through to Yussef Dayes and Madlib, its one to get your feet moving

"Down Goose is an instrumental track featuring swirling synth sounds and octave bass. The song started off with a bass line I wrote on my 4 string. Inspired by the search for satisfying melodies and fluid rhythms that trip on themselves.

It was than that Polli Pearl put her synth magic to work creating the chords and duck sounds
which the song is named after.

We recorded in a basement in Perth with Mark Ashforth on drums who pretty much did it in 2 takes and we had some help from Josh Chan who mixed and added the melody synth line in the bridge part. The recording process came together in one afternoon session and was very satisfying fun to complete!"

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