Special Sound Series Vol.3: Pathétique: Vinyl LP
Shigeo Sekitō

Special Sound Series Vol.3: Pathétique: Vinyl LP

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Label: Holy Basil
Release Date: 5th July

An electronic jazz funk fusion dream, playful, deceptively funky, sometimes super break heavy, a little bit of exotica or the new age.

We are very happy to continue the reissue series of Shigeo Sekito's iconic "Sepcial Sound" series with its 3rd instalment, "Pathétique", a mesmerizing musical journey crafted by the visionary Japanese musician Shigeo Sekito. Released in the 1970s, this album stands as a testament to Sekito's innovative genius and his ability to seamlessly blend genres, resulting in a captivating and groundbreaking sonic experience.

"Pathétique" showcases Sekito's masterful fusion of jazz, funk, and electronic elements, creating a unique and otherworldly soundscape that transports listeners to a realm of musical exploration. The album features a series of compositions that are not only technically impressive but also emotionally resonant, evoking a range of feelings from nostalgia to euphoria.

The album's title, "Pathétique," is a nod to Tchaikovsky's renowned "Pathétique Symphony," and it hints at the emotional depth and complexity found within the music. Sekito's virtuosity on various instruments, including keyboards, synthesizers, and guitar, is on full display throughout the album, as he weaves intricate melodies and harmonies that take listeners on a sonic adventure.


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