Special Sound Series Vol.4: Pathétique: Vinyl LP
Shigeo Sekitō

Special Sound Series Vol.4: Pathétique: Vinyl LP

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Label: Holy Basil
Release Date: 5th July

An electronic jazz funk fusion dream, playful, deceptively funky, sometimes super break heavy, a little bit of exotica or the new age.

We are very happy to announce the continuation of our reissues of Shigeo Sekitō's iconic "Sepcial Sound" series with its 4th instalment, "Summertime", a radiant musical tapestry woven by the ingenious Japanese musician. Unveiled in the vibrant 1970s, this album radiates with the warmth and effervescence of the summer season, showcasing Sekito's ability to infuse his compositions with a sun-kissed energy and a sense of carefree joy.

As the fourth installment in the Special Sound Series, "Summertime" is a celebration of the spirit of the season, where Sekito's musical prowess shines brightly. Drawing inspiration from the carefree vibes of summer, the album seamlessly blends elements of jazz, soul, and funk, creating a sound that mirrors the sunlit days and breezy nights.

Sekito's virtuosity is palpable in every note, as he skillfully navigates a melodic journey filled with upbeat rhythms, infectious grooves, and soulful arrangements. The album's title, "Summertime," encapsulates the essence of the music within – a vibrant and uplifting experience that captures the spirit of the season with a musical palette.

From the lively and danceable beats of tracks like "Sunshine Samba" to the mellow, contemplative moments in "Golden Evenings," Sekito crafts an auditory landscape that mirrors the diverse experiences of summer. Each composition is a testament to his ability to evoke emotions and paint vivid sonic pictures, transporting listeners to sun-drenched beaches, lively festivals, and leisurely afternoons.

"Special Sound Series – Vol. 4: Summertime" stands as a testament to Shigeo Sekito's musical versatility and his innate ability to capture the essence of a moment through sound. This album, with its infectious energy and melodic charm, has earned its place as a timeless tribute to the carefree and joyful spirit of summer, making it a delightful addition to any music collection.

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