Starlight: Vinyl LP

Starlight: Vinyl LP

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Label: Curation Records
Release Date: 12th May

The Trippies are keen to let you know they’ve cast aside the ‘Ps’ word and are now an altogether different prospect. I mean, they really are, they’re a yacht rock tropicalia funk band, they have breaks, they have some groove, a lofi rnb and a space jazz lounge vibe. They’re citing Steely Dan and Stereolab as influences on this - we’ll have that.

Triptides is moving through a galaxy of music following only their own compass. In an almost-jazzy fusion of electric keyboard textures and dancefloor grooves that dives into the worlds of Stereolab, Steely Dan and Cortex. With tightly interwoven rhythm guitars and basslines, coupled with Brigman’s keen sense of melody and harmony, there’s a new energy shining through with "Starlight". This is the third chapter that started with fuzzed-out "Alter Echoes" and the folk-jangled "So Many Days".

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