Surface World: Blue Vinyl LP
Surface World: Blue Vinyl LP
Straight Arrows

Surface World: Blue Vinyl LP

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Label: Agitated Records
Release Date: 9th August

It's tangy lofi garage rock, it's delivered at speed, it's direct, it's pure rock n roll melodies delivered by the archer straight into the apple.

Sydney 4-piece Straight Arrows have returned with their 4th studio album ‘Surface World’ today via Rice Is Nice Records in Australia, Agitated Records in the UK/EU and Lolipop Records in the US on the 9th of August.
Since forming back in 2007, Straight Arrows have been a force on the Australian indie scene; with 10x 7”s, 3x studio albums, a live LP and countless shows domestically and internationally under their belt, the band have developed a devoted fan-base, and praise from the likes of Henry Rollins and Iggy Pop along the way. 
Recorded at Marrickville’s Golden Retriever Studios with Nick Franklin (Polish Club, The Buoys), their 4th LP ‘Surface World’ is a whirlwind of fuzzy riffs and infectious hooks. Thematically, ‘Surface World’, as explained by the band, is a “reflection of the plane of existence we’re all currently trapped upon”, taking an introspective look at modern life and the world around them.

“We’ve Been ‘Happening’ on our debut, we’ve been ‘Rising’ on LP two, on our last album we were ‘On Top’, and now we’re sitting at the juncture of the ‘Surface World’.  Be it swift manufacture (Fast Product), staring through the window at an outside world (City Ranger, Peakin, Smoke), looking back inside (Walkin’ Thru My Mind, Keep On Cryin, It’s Clear, Summer Skies), suburban fantasy (Car Thief, Don’t Shoot Me), or the Surface World staring back at you (Shop Window).

And what’s it sound like? A reverb-laden, fuzzed, pulsating experiment sandwiching popular AND unpopular tunes from the likes of 60s garage and psychedelia, 70s punk and power pop, and 50s-2020s mutant music. It wouldn’t be a Straight Arrows record without throwing a whole pile of eclectic old (and newish) influences into the fuel tank to see what combusts on the other end.” 

Mixed by frontman Owen Penglis (who has worked with Royal Headache, Frowning Clouds, Mini Skirt and Palms over the years), the album was recorded over just two days, live to tape. The quick turn-around led to some intense rehearsals ahead of time, resulting in some incredibly tight performances on the record. 
“In true budget Straight Arrows fashion, we spent months rehearsing to be able to spend as little time and money in the expensive tracking studio as possible. With trusted engineer Nick Franklin behind the desk, and Owen [Penglis] trying not to micro-manage him, we managed to smash out the whole album, live to tape in two days. 
This is also the first Straight Arrows release with some straight up co-writes between Owen and Al - I guess those last few years of apocalyptic world out-view were good for something! Then comes the part after recording where Owen overdubs and warps and changes the whole thing over the next year in his own studio, in between whatever else he’s working on (from punk EPs, 60s reissues, and the Wiggles [!]), messes with the words, and comes out the other end with a shiny-ish, medium fidelity Straight Arrows hot CLASSIC.”
Having built a strong reputation as live performers early in the piece, Straight Arrows have maintained consistency right throughout their career. As well as headlining packed rooms around the country, the band have rubbed shoulders with some huge names over the years, supporting the likes of The Black Keys, The Buzcocks, Deerhunter, Black Lips and more. The band were also included on the Hoodoo Gurus curated festival Dig It Up! In 2012; were featured on a Gonerfest lineup in Memphis, Tennessee (alongside Ty Segall & Royal Headache), and toured with Thee Oh Sees across the US East Coast.


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