Sweet Vibration: Vinyl LP
Charles Amoah

Sweet Vibration: Vinyl LP

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Label: Soundway
Release Date: 2nd September

Maximal Afro funk disco banger, thank the sweet disco overlords for this bountiful gift of grooves, nasty funk and electro synths that make you want to embarrassingly attempt body-popping.

Following on from the runaway success of Soundway's release of Kiki Gyan's '24 Hours In A Disco', another Ghanaian legend looks to have his time to shine.

One of the most well-known disco and burger highlife artists of the time, Charles Amoah originally began his career as a drummer. Playing with Alex Konadu's band, as well as the likes of Precious Jewels and Nana Tuffour, he then moved to Germany in the early 80s.

His first album 'Sweet Vibration' spawned several hits which went on to be released as separate singles, namely "Scratch My Back" and "Shake Your Body To The Beat".

From the irresistible funk hooks of these singles, to the Lionel Richie-esque instrumentation of "Life's Like Being In A Boxing Ring", or the kraut-rock stylings of "Jungle Rock" - there is little doubt that the blend of disco, funk and highlife that was unique to the Ghanaian-German scene can be experienced in its full splendour on 'Sweet Vibration'.

Shake Your Body To The Beat
Fighting Spirit
Sweet Vibration
Shake Your Body To The Beat (Long Version)
Scratch My Back
Life's Like Being In A Boxing Ring
Jungle Rock
Our Love's On Fire

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