Tëd Ak Mame Coumba Lamba Ak Mame Coumba Mbang: Vinyl LP
Ndox Electrique

Tëd Ak Mame Coumba Lamba Ak Mame Coumba Mbang: Vinyl LP

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Label: Bongo Joe
Release Date: 26th October

Senegalese avant-rock duo with one of the most raw, fuzzed and leftfield electronic Afro-noise rock record you'll hear all year. 

Ndox Electrique results from the collaboration between François R. Cambuzat, Gianna Greco (also known for their work with Ifriqiyya Electrique), and the n'doëp community in Senegal. The project originated from the duo's quest to trace the origins of North African rituals, which led them to the Lebu community in Cap-Vert, an isolated region at Africa's westernmost point.

The album seamlessly blends the duo's electronically-infused avant-rock with the intense, ritualistic vocal chants and rhythmic percussion of the n'doëp ceremony. It serves as a captivating bridge between these two musical worlds, capturing the essence of this cross-cultural collaboration.

The text also highlights the challenges of merging Western rock and experimental influences with the sensibilities of their Senegalese collaborators, ultimately resulting in a unique and powerful musical experience. "Ndox Electrique" transcends cultural boundaries, immersing listeners in the enchanting sounds and mystical narratives of Western Africa.


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