Tender: Vinyl LP

Tender: Vinyl LP

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Label: Lex Records
Release Date: 19th April

Such a fizzy excitement from this record, it's got that elasticated pop sound, a constantly evolving ball of influences from dream pop to shoegaze, to drum machine hip hop to goth pop and the warped forms of addictive hooky loops that tiktok has spawned. 

zzzahara (They/Them) is the solo moniker of Eyedress/Simps/U.S

Velvet guitarist Zahara Jaime. Plenty of people come to Los Angeles looking to make their California dreams a reality. But zzzahara has always been here, turning reality into a dream. Born and raised in Highland Park, where they still reside, zzzahara has witnessed both gang-blighted and gentrified L.A. along the same geographical blocks. Like the transforming city itself, zzzahara has undergone massive personal changes.

"Tender is a journey of feeling emotional and learning to show kindness to all the rough parts of love," zzzahara says about the album. "From monotonous dates, relationship failures, vulnerability and ultimately gentleness for yourself, this album is a recollection of how fast life moves and how living in the moment can be tender yet rugged. I placed my baggage down and left it on the floor so I could smile and laugh like everyone else. I locked myself in my studio and just let the guitar riffs speak from a place of coldness, fire and tenderness. Most of the lyrics are free-styled. My buddy Jannick Frampton produced three tracks, and the rest of the record is produced by me. It was the first time I trusted myself to write most of the music. This record made me put my life into perspective as an artist. It's something I'll never forget." - zzzahara

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