The Children of Scorpio: Yellow Vinyl LP
Project Gemini

The Children of Scorpio: Yellow Vinyl LP

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Label: Mr Bongo
Release Date: 20th May

Deep basslines on this, that thick and chunky funk folk sound, the kind perfected by European library music and the Soundcarriers, it's a walk through a cinematic psych world of spaghetti western soundtracks, film noir mystery, Sci-Fi blips, blops, acid folk and heavy espionage fuzz. 

For those who dig: library funk, David Axelrod, The Soundcarriers, The Vanishing Twin, The Heliocentrics, Sven Wunder, Janko Nilovic...

The album 'The Children of Scorpio' by Project Gemini aka Paul Osborne is a
result of his steeped 30-year musical journey that's seen him dig deep, study
his record collection and re-emerge to fine-tune his craft.

A cinematic musical journey that plays out like a long-lost soundtrack (think cult
B-movies of the 60s and 70s); 'The Children of Scorpio' was formed from Paul's
love of a myriad of genres; from European library music, acid folk, psych-funk,
vintage soundtracks and the contemporary breaks scene. The album draws on
iconic classics such as the masterful cinematic funk of Lalo Schifrin's 'Dirty
Harry', Ennio Morricone's 'Vergogna Schifosi' and Luis Bacalov's 'The
Summertime Killer', to name but a few. You can also hear the folk sounds of Mark
Fry's iconic 'Dreaming With Alice', the Britsh folk-jazz of The Pentangle and the
David Axelrod-produced 'Release Of An Oath' by The Electric Prunes, woven into
the cultural tapestry of this gem. The influence of these vintage productions of
the 60s and 70s is evident; however, it could be argued that there's also echoes of
the funkier psychedelic moments of bands such as The Stones Roses and The
Charlatans, alongside contemporaries such as The Heliocentrics and Little Barrie,
thus giving the album a broader crossover potential beyond the world of crate
digging and vintage soundtracks.

We are delighted to be releasing this slowly- brewed timeless classic that
manages to achieve that rare feat of keeping one foot firmly in the past whilst still
sounding totally contemporary.

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