The Gloss: Olive Green Vinyl LP

The Gloss: Olive Green Vinyl LP

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Label: Fire Talk
Release Date: 14th June

I'm on that listening link, like a musical time traveller coming to you to tell you I'm listening to the best pure DIY, indie, punk/post punk, jangle and new wave record of the year. Lyrical with melodies that stick for days, like Strokes on SST or Discord.

The Gloss is the second album from Cola - From their inception Cola have expanded on the diy ethic of the Dischord and SST eras, creating potent sounds from a minimal palette of drums/bass/guitar and lacing their songs with winsome one-liners and societal commentary

What's another word for commentary? Gloss, apparently. Never basic, the lyrics reward repeated listening for deeper meanings. David Berman's poetry-via-garage light pennings are an inspiration, as equally so are the lighter side of UK first-wave New Wave and the Dunedin sound. The results are in the pudding: at times sparse and poetic, at others a thrilling, hook-laden good time, as with the cheeky romantic sketch of a one-night stand that is so overflowing with innuendo-cum- journalism talk that it almost teeters over into self-parody. But the results are the right combination of lightheartedness and sincerity. Romanticism is never far from laughter, and equally never far from righteous anger in the music of Cola: "Pulling quotes now in the dark/ Our outlook is restrained/ Your tongue might weaken to be- fit your smile/ Til nothing ill remains." 'nuff said. It's an album bursting with energy and wit and ideas-filled to the margins. Out June 14th 2024 on Fire Talk.

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