The Limited Addition Records Tote Bag
Limited Addition Records

The Limited Addition Records Tote Bag

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OMG are Limited Addition Records doing merch now!?
Aye, we are and it isn't half useful, look at that picture, you can fit a wad of records or just bits... not my business what you put in there, just know that you'll get positive looks as you saunter down the high street in this Natural Tote Bag with the Limited Addition Records logo printed in all in't pride and glory. 

These bags are available to purchase but we'll also chuck one in your order FREE OF CHARGE if you purchase 3 records or more.

The dry bit you'll likely not read, it's a tote bag.

Black screen-printed bag by Jassz 'Beech' Cotton Long Handle Tote Bags in Natural which are 140gsm in weight.

Tote bag dimensions are 380mm wide x 410mm deep.
The top of the bag to the apex of the handle measures 380mm.
Maximum print size on your tote bags is 285mm x 300mm.

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