The Music of Heatmiser: Red/Yellow Sun Splatter Double Vinyl LP

The Music of Heatmiser: Red/Yellow Sun Splatter Double Vinyl LP

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Label: Third Man Records
Release Date: 6th October

Something so thrilling about that first EP/Record/Mixtape a band puts out on the merch table on their first slew of gigs, especially when it's apparent that there's 'something there'. Heatmeister were Neil Gust and Elliott Smith and 'The Music of Heatmeister' was their genesis release, raw, unabashed and joyous just like that first merch table release is meant to be.

Neil Gust and Elliott Smith arrived in Portland, OR together in the summer of 1991 to start a new band with drummer/producer Tony Lash. Within a year of adding bassist Brandt Peterson on bass, they were playing across the West Coast and demoing dozens of songs for their first LP. Six of these tracks were self-released on the cassette titled “The Music of Heatmiser” which was sold at shows, local record shops, and handed out to record labels.

The sound of the band changed a lot over 3 LP’s, but this is Heatmiser right out of the gate. New, energetic, excited, moving quickly through styles, totally broke and making it work in whatever way possible. It’s guitar rock, full-blast, through 100 watt Marshall half stacks, when grunge was ascendant in the Pacific Northwest and the Portland scene was exploding. Fast, tight, loud, fun.

1. Lowlife ('92 cassette)
2. Bottle Rocket ('92 cassette)
3. Buick ('92 cassette)
4. Just A Little Prick ('92 cassette)
5. Dirt ('92 cassette)
6. Mightier Than You ('92 cassette)
7. Can't Be Touched (Cavity Search single)
8. Wake (Cavity Search single)
9. Stray (Cavity Search single)

1. Dead Air (Demo)
2. Sands Hotel (Demo)
3. Mock Up (Demo)
4. Cannibal (Demo)
5. Candyland (Demo)
6. Still (Demo)

1. Man Camp
2. Laying Low
3. Bloody Knuckles
4. Father Song
5. Glamourine
6. Meatline
7. Revolution

1. Blackout (Live on KBOO)
2. Bottle Rocket (Live on KBOO)
3. Dirt (Live on KBOO)
4. Still (Live on KBOO)
5. Candyland (Live on KBOO)
6. Don't Look Down (Live on KBOO)
7. Lowlife (Live on KBOO)

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