The Other Side Of Life: Piano Ballads: Deep Sea Vinyl LP
Beach Fossils

The Other Side Of Life: Piano Ballads: Deep Sea Vinyl LP

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Label: Bayonet Records
Release Date: 17th December

All this time waiting for a follow up to Beach Fossils near-perfect indie pop rock record Somersault and I didn't realise what I was really waiting for was an album where Dustin Payseur turns their catalogue into piano ballads with a group of world class jazz musicians. It just shows how rich the songwriting is, that their songbook is that they sound like timeless jazz standards designed for hushed jazz bars. 

For those who dig: Elvis Costello's jazz records, Chet Baker, Vince Guaraldi, Bill Evans...

"improvisational jazz, classical music, and Stereolab... his songwriting owes more to loop-based composition than garage-bound woodshedding." – Pitchfork
Inspired by a love of artists such as Bill Evans, Lester Young, Chet Baker and Vince Guaraldi, Dustin Payseur reimagines some of his greatest hits from the Beach Fossils catalog alongside a group of formally trained jazz musicians. A rich and mellow mix of piano, saxophone, upright bass and brushed drums explore the contours of familiar songs, soaring Payseur’s melancholic harmonies to new heights.
01. This Year
02. May 1st
03. Sleep Apnea
04. What a Pleasure
05. Adversity
06. Down the Line
07. Youth
08. That's All for Now

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