The Truth
The Truth
The Truth
D.R. Hooker

The Truth

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Label: Numer Group
Release Date: 6th September

A private press psychedelic Christian rock record made during a big old mid-life crisis. The cover is incredible, the garage rock slaps, the horns are deliciously lofi, the drums are killer and the vibe is a total heavenly trip.

A real people music masterpiece, D.R. Hooker’s 1972 debut meets at the be-in of drug-addled hippy psychedelia and evangelical Christianity. Conjuring visions of an L.S.D.-damaged Frank Sinatra or Lou Reed playing the role of a divorced suburban dad, The Truth is a religious midlife crisis disguised as a private press LP. Forge your own chains, indeed.

1. The Sea
2. Fall In Love
3. A Stranger’s Smile 4. Weather Girl
5. This Thing

1. Forge Your Own Chains 2. I’m Leaving You
3. The Truth
4. The Bible
5. Falling Asleep

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