Too Hot To Sleep: Red Vinyl LP in Tip-On Sleeve
Daniel Romano

Too Hot To Sleep: Red Vinyl LP in Tip-On Sleeve

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Label: You've Changed
Release Date: 1st March

Daniel Romano has marched through the sound of the 60s and early 70s, with Outfit he finds himself band doing proto-punk glam rock power pop rippers. This shopkeeper is a HUGE Romano mark, he's got a rare ability with melody and song, everything he makes is effortlessly arresting with tips of the hat to the great songwriters that have passed but never a copyist. 

Daniel Romano returns with his first new music since the release of the massive, singular, La Luna in those long ago days of autumn 2022 (an impossibly long time in this famously prolific artist's career) - Too Hot To Sleep is simultaneously a transcendent document of the spirit, and a swaggering, street level blast of power-pop and Stone's derived rock 'n' roll; a surprisingly direct shout down of the corrupt politicians and techno fascists that police our bodies, pollute our world, assault our connections; a reason and occasion to dance, to sweat together at one of The Outfit's legendary live shows wherein everything comes faster than the next, no breaks, no outside, there is only now, there is only all of us here together, alive a public offering of each to each.


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