Tresor: Vinyl LP

Tresor: Vinyl LP

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Label: Heavenly
Release Date: 1st July

My Cornish is pretty rusty, how's your getting on? Come to think of it, I reckon the amount of people fluent in the language could barely make up a full Royal Rumble and one of those people would be Gwenno, who is yet again putting the language on the musical map. Despite not having a clue what she's singing about the language does have a wonderfully mystical and melodically sweet sound, which is perfectly twinned with psych folk sounds, which only add to the sense of tripping on the tip of Lands End in billowy clothing.

For those who dig: Melody's Echo Chamber, Ghost Box records, Vanishing Twin, Stereolab, Gruff Rhys...

Tresor (Treasure) is Gwenno Saunders’ third full length solo album and the second almost entirely in Cornish (Kernewek). Written in St. Ives, Cornwall, just prior to the Covid lockdowns of 2020 and completed at home in Cardiff during the pandemic along with her co-producer and musical collaborator, Rhys Edwards, Tresor reveals an introspective focus on home and self, a prescient work echoing the isolation and retreat that has been a central, global shared experience over the past two years.

Although Tresor is a project birthed from introspection and intimacy, the implications of the messages are much broader. Ultimately Gwenno is asking what are other ways of understanding and being in relation to one's self and to one another?  What are our roles in both shaping and being shaped by the cultures we move in, in a world that is ever changing, and where we all have a place? Tresor does not provide easy answers, for Gwenno shows us that we exist in paradox, our threads of place and story entwined like knotwork, our many selves shining as beautiful entanglements.

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