Two: Vinyl LP
Spirits Having Fun

Two: Vinyl LP

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Label: Born Yesterday
Release Date: 15th October

Honestly, if the label above this blurb reads 'Born Yesterday', just pick it up because they'll never let you down. Here is Spirits Having Fun melding art-pop/punk/noise/math rock and somehow free and spiritual jazz... all the while and this is mindblowing not being utter bobbins. It's just a hugely rewarding and satisfying listen, there's a deft touch to the freeness in which rhythms swing from soft light pop to a post-punk meets free jazz jam without being jarring and with vocals that are sweet with a kind of Free Design jazz pop innocence.

For those who dig: Deerhoof, Cate Le Bon, Stereolab, Moontype and even some Canterbury scene bands from the 60s/70s.


Spirits Having Fun records are ones made from and for shows and spaces—arrangements rooted in a deeply collaborative process, that come to life through intuitive and locked-in live improvisation. Following their 2019 debut Auto-Portrait, Two finds the New York and Chicago based four-piece continuing to challenge ideas of what a rock band can be, pulling apart their musical experiences and reimagining them as kinetic compositions, equally studied but palpably organic.

Out September 3 via Chicago’s Born Yesterday Records, Two is constructed around gut feelings and strong grooves, elastic rhythms and playful pacing. Its twelve songs expand, contract, and make sharp turns between melodies under singer-guitarist Katie McShane’s meditative lyrics. “Broken Cloud,” which was also released last year on a compilation in support of Chicago Community Jail Support, offers a glimpse into her reflections on the natural world: "A city grew out of the ground / to a mountain it's only a blur."


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