You Become The Mountain: Lilac Vinyl LP
Jeffrey Silverstein

You Become The Mountain: Lilac Vinyl LP

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Label: Arrowhawk Records
Release Date: 9th December

Can I be personal for a second? Course I can, it's my shop and music is personal. THIS record right here really did me a favour during the first year of my daughter's life, it was the soundtrack to difficult nights where something needed to fill the 3.17am bedroom with something to chill, to neutralize the soul, to cast us down on a river in our minds safely past the rocky mountains with the thought of colourful blues and reds in the sky soothing us to sleep. 
One of the finest cosmic country and new age Americana records you'll ever hear. CANNOT RECOMMEND ENOUGH!

For those who dig: North Americans, William Tyler, Bobby Lee, Hayden Pedigo, Color Green, Barry Walker Jr, SUSS...

The nine songs that comprise You Become The Mountain are heavily inspired by the landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, meditation, long- distance running and Silverstein's work as a special education teacher
Expanding on the minimalist approach heard on How on Earth, Silverstein invited pedal-steelist Barry Walker Jr. (North Americans, Rose City Band) and bassist Alex Chapman (Parson Redheads, Evan Thomas Way) to round- out an increasingly meditative sound.
Led by the spirit of late Detroit musician Ted Lucas, Silverstein was moved to create an album featuring both instrumental and lyric- based compositions. Silverstein casts a wide net in 40 minutes, offering fans of both traditional and experimental folk entry points into his universe. Primarily tracked live and void of heavily processed sounds, the LP serves as a proper introduction to a songwriter who celebrates patience and restraint in the highest regard.

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