Copy of About Limited Addition Records

Limited Addition Records is a Pre-Order only online record retailer. We focus on the most exciting, forward thinking, boundary pushing and banger dense albums.

Founded by me, Rob Morgan-Hulme, a man who has spent the last 15 years tirelessly championing exciting music that can find itself tucked away in the corners. Whether that was as a concert promoter, DJ, music podcaster or managing online stores for major labels, it’s always been my goal to get great music into the right ears

I believe you are more interesting and more adventurous than focus groups and algorithms suggest. We are bombarded with information and choice. Who can blame anyone for listening to reliable favourites again and again. 

What I believe people want, is to feel an assurance that they will be getting a product that hits their soul and enriches their life just like the first time they heard one of their top 10 favourite records. 

That’s why Limited Addition Records offers a new approach to record shopping and music discovery, because it is driven by you, the person, not your cookies and algorithms. Our online shop will features only the best upcoming records, carefully handpicked and presented like the precious gems they are. 

At the heart of Limited Addition Records is our unique ‘Over-the-Counter’ record subscription service, where we send you monthly or quarterly deliveries of vinyl based on who you are as a record shopper. We conduct digital ‘over-the-counter’ consultations where we tailor the deliveries to your taste. 

Whether you’re getting into record collecting for the first time and want a helping hand, or you’re wanting to expand your tastes and don’t have the time to trawl through the entire internet, we can help find a record that suits you and get you excited about music discovery. 

Consider Limited Addition as record prospectors, we’ve mined music’s deep canyons to pick out the gold standard.

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