Air Ni Ni: Grey Marbled Vinyl LP
Hakushi Hasegawa

Air Ni Ni: Grey Marbled Vinyl LP

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Label: Brainfeeder
Release Date: 8th March

Absolutely nuts hypergolic electronic j-pop, jazz pop that sounds like it's constantly on a computer game power-up. A quintessential Brainfeeder release.

Hakushi Hasegawa (They/Them) is a musician, producer and singer songwriter based in Tokyo, Japan, and the first Japanese artist signed to the Brainfeeder label.

Consistent with Brainfeeder’s ethos of seeking out artists operating outside the confines of genre since the label was founded in 2008 by Flying Lotus, Hakushi’s music is tricky to categorize, as it straddles a few genres: alternative, electronic, jazz, pop/J-pop. Sometimes it’s pretty, at times it’s very intense and fast-paced.

Releasing since 2018, they’ve already made a name for themselves domestically in Japan, with a string of wonderfully wild releases, and have started to build a cult following internationally.

Hakushi performed at the online festival, Secret Sky, in 2020, hosted by Porter Robinson (four million viewers). They graced the cover of influential Japanese music publication MUSIC MAGAZINE in 2020, as well as creating the soundtrack for the noir kei ninomiya Spring / Summer 2024 runway show for Comme des Garçons at Paris Fashion Week. Now, Hakushi is the focus of a cover-to-cover takeover at Yuriika [Eureka], the historical Japanese literary magazine that specialises in poetry and criticism.

Collabs to date have included Kid Fresino, yuigot, TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA, Yukichikasaku/men and Eye from Boredoms.

Their debut album, ‘Air Ni Ni’, arrived in 2019, cementing their reputation as one of Japan’s most exciting, adventurous artists.

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