...Balla!: Green, White & Red Vinyl LP
Pino D'Angio

...Balla!: Green, White & Red Vinyl LP

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Label: Peer Music
Release Date: 10th May

Look at Pino, giving a look that both says 'just to pre-warn, I will break your heart' but also 'you will always have my seminal 1981 Italian Disco banger '...balla!''. And you will say 'Oh I recognise the track Ma quale idea' from somewhere' and he will say 'that's what keeps me in ciggies, baby' before he disappears in a cloud of his own smoke.

The most iconic and groundbreaking Italian Disco record, Pino D'Angio's 1981 album "

..Balla!", relives in the physical world through this limited 3-colour-vinyl exclusive repress.

Arisen to renewed stardom after going contagiously viral on TikTok, with fascinating aura and apparently braggy attitude, Pino D'Angio marked the history of Italian Dance and Disco music with this sharp and ironic record that still makes a lot of youngsters get on the floor today as it did in the 80's.

Un concerto da strapazzo
Una notte da impazzire
Okay Okay
Perdoni Tenente
Me ne frego di te
Notte d'amore
Mannaggia Rock & Roll
Donna in costruzione
Ma quale idea


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