David Nance & Mowed Sound: Indies Green Vinyl LP
David Nance

David Nance & Mowed Sound: Indies Green Vinyl LP

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Label: Third Man Records
Release Date: 9th February

David Nance just seems to be an artist who never stops, bet he's rarely an arms length from a guitar, never not got his band waiting to jam at any moment, that band is Mowed Sound and together they rip, boogie and swing like the best rock n roll American jam bands. 

David Nance & Mowed Sound, the first album by Nance to be released on Third Man Records, cuts deep. Memories sprout back, like the sounds of a great rock song blasting from the neighbor’s truck as it revs away into the night. There is a definite connection to the past, but the swinging guitar boogie and snarled blues you might expect from Nance and company sounds leaner and completely hypnotic. What remains are 10 tracks from a well oiled group so rhythmically together that the songs on the album seem as connected as links in a chain.


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