Everyone Smiles: Red Vinyl LP
The Maureens

Everyone Smiles: Red Vinyl LP

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Label: Meritorio
Release Date: 16th February

The harmonies on this record are absolutely something else, we're talking Teenage Fanclub level, maybe even Byrdsian level... they're just so so sweet, they make my soul swell and make even the wettest day feel like you've been giving the most uplifting shot of vitamin d. Perfect record for those who love melody.

The Maureens: the perfect soundtrack for a late summer night, though the band gives you that feeling just as easily on a Sunday afternoon in February.
The band is a Dutch four piece founded in 2012. Originating from the central Utrecht music scene, the band nowadays operates from the rural east of the Netherlands. It hasn’t changed the sound of The Maureens: the melancholic songs of Hendrik-Jan de Wolff exude love of melody and harmony. Guitar pop inspired by the greats of the golden 60s and 70s; songs you hum along to after one listen.
The band will release their fourth album in 2024, titled “Everyone Smiles”, on Meritorio Records. It comes with 13 sparkling pop songs and it was recorded last year with legendary Dutch producer Frans Hagenaars in studio SSE-Noord.

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