Flowers in the Dark: Double Vinyl LP
Kofi Flexxx

Flowers in the Dark: Double Vinyl LP

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Label: Native Rebel Recordings
Release Date: 27th October

This is the first 'creative principle' we've featured on this wee store but when Shabaka Hutchings is heading up this woody, dense and earthy jazz hip hop project, it's not long before you're all in on the idea of a 'creative principle'. It's dark but spiritual, it's hopeful but alert and bursting with rhythm and life. 
As you'd imagine from a Shabaka release it's one of the jazz releases of the year.

Shabaka Hutchings’ Native Rebel Recordings have today announced the release of the debut album from the creative principle known as Kofi Flexxx. Flowers In The Dark will be released on September 1st and two tracks – ‘Apothecary’ which features US underground rapper Billy Woods, and ‘By Now (Accused Of Magic)’ featuring Trinidad-born London-based poet Anthony Joseph – are out now:

As with all Native Rebel releases so far, Flowers in The Dark was produced by Hutchings and features a string of guests including TS Elliot prize-winning poet Anthony Joseph, US underground rappers Billy Woods and Elucid, fellow Native Rebel artists ganavya, Siyabonga Mthembu (The Brother Moves On) and Confucius MC (CoN & KwAkE) along with some of the most pivotal figures from across the UK scene including, Jas Kayser, Alexander Hawkins of the Convergence Quartet and Decoy, bassist Daisy George and Ross Harris of Speakers Corner Quartet.


Kofi Flexxx is the latest addition to Native Rebel's vibrant roster, proudly joining Chelsea Carmichael, The Brother Moves On, CoN & KwAkE and the recently reissued 10th anniversary edition of Sons Of Kemet Burn.

A1 Apothecary feat. Billy Woods
A2 It was all a Dream
A3 By Now (Accused of Magic) feat. Anthony Joseph

B1 Flowers in the Dark feat. Confucius MC
B2 Show Me feat. Elucid
B3 Babylon Dun Topple

C1 Aim feat. Siya
C2 Increase Awareness feat. Ganavya
C3 Fire

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