Mind, Man, Medicine: Signed Opaque Jade Vinyl LP
The Secret Sisters

Mind, Man, Medicine: Signed Opaque Jade Vinyl LP

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Label: New West Records
Release Date: 29th March

The Secret Sisters 5th album is about that settled life, that part where you find that person who keeps you rooted to a place with a family that become the priority as you look back at the dreams of your 20s and realise they didn't quite happen, weren't as exciting as you pictured or weren't really all that. Of course the harmonies are tight and sweet and the stories are so relatable, so real, so normal they'll bring a tear and smile. A perfect country record.

Our fifth chapter is the one where we seek, savor, and settle

The muse found us in the depths of raising children, nurturing relationships, surviving a world- changing virus, bidding farewell, shifting our mindsets, and discovering a sense of peace heretofore unseen. Our third decade of life has proven to be one of routine, rest, and realization, and these songs are about the lessons we've learned. We've learned to be space-holders and defenders of the people we hold close. We've learned from deep, steady love in various forms. We've learned to let go of people and perceptions and priorities that just didn't make the cut as we weighed what is right and important and worth keeping. We've learned how all the things we've always treasured continue to withstand the pressure of time. If you notice an upward trend to the mood and emotions, you're on target-we have found calm waters, for now. - The Secret Sisters (2023)

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